Crushed Creativity.

When I first started this project I hoped it would inspire me to really develop and nurture my writing. I thought of it as a platform for which to grow and motivate my work. To gain an understanding of what was expected in order to become the best creative writer I could. But as time went on it became clear that there is an added responsibility of other interfering aspects. Finance and time being two of them. I stopped writing freely and wrote more to beat deadlines. I attempted to introduce monetization.

It wasn’t what I intended.

Moving home hasn’t helped. I work awful shift patterns in an environment which doesn’t feed me the way my previous did. I have been feeling drained and the website has taken a hit because of this.

So I intend to take smaller steps in the hope that they will  be more productive and beneficial for The Wide-Eyed Scotsman in the long run. I will continue to post what I can but without rush or hesitation. It’s important I stick to the very essence of it’s incorporation.

Keep a look out for more updates soon. Hopefully less laborious and more exciting than before.

Aidan X



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