Drifting Fate.

Have you ever wondered if someone who has become so significant in your life ever passed you by somewhere or sometime in the past?

Take your partner for instance. Your closest companion who ‘stumbled’ into your life at a certain point. Before it all happened and you became entwined in each others lives, did they ever pass you in the street? Or did you ever brush past them in a busy place? Perhaps you even shared a quick conversation.. Something as simple as a shared joke in a shop queue. It’s funny to think about these moments and how little you had known about the person you just encountered or how much importance they would hold in your own future.

What if these moments are the kickstart to the story of your journey? That as soon as your energies interact and investigate the compatibility that lies within, you and your loved one (unknowingly) are set on a course to retrieve and ignite the fervour of this drifting fate.

Some of us are lucky and find our match early on. Others may search for a long time, hoping that the one for them is soon to be found. There are those who will force the issue and consequently hurt themselves by opening their hearts to the wrong people. In fact this theory gives life to an endless list of varying possibilities. Two people who are not meant to be may even spend their whole lives together without ever really knowing that somewhere out there in this vast universe, the other they subconsciously sought is yet to be found. In a world diluted with material ambitions and downtrodden dreams this scenario may be unfortunately common. However, such as there are those who wish not to seek their true destinies through fear or worry or whatever reason.. There are those who remain undaunted in the face of challenge (or indeed loneliness) and continue upon a pure path of patience and trust in an external matter which they cannot control.

When the two bounds of energy finally rediscover one another after a period of time apart, the surrounding atmosphere erupts around them like a spontaneous combustion. Our bodies sense the event taking place. As a result all kinds of reactions begin to commence. Every aspect of our system responds immediately and activates our inner instincts. Emotional & physical. The wait for this moment is finally over and that long-held desire that came into life after a seemingly meaningless moment some time ago can now be fulfilled. Can you remember what it was like when you first felt that rush? That magical experience of knowing, just knowing, that whoever you were laying eyes upon was the one you had been waiting for. It’s possible you didn’t know that you were waiting at all until a chance encounter which brought you together. It may be that now you have found your soul mate.

It’s only a theory, but it’s nice to imagine.

‘The Wide-Eyed Scotsman’ is a collection of thoughts, written pieces, opinions and blogs by myself, Aidan Meehan. Unless stated otherwise all of the work on this site is my own. All of the photos, unless credited, are my own. If you have anything to say or if you enjoy my updates please like, share, follow, communicate or criticise. I am not a professional blogger/ writer/ photographer and any interaction which may help to improve my work would be appreciated.

It means the world to me to see people viewing this project. I hope its able to give you something in return.

For all private enquiries get in touch at aidanmeehan94@outlook.com. Thank you.




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