Keep Your Heart Strong.

Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

I won’t say much. I just think it’s important to share something in order to highlight the issues surrounding this subject. 

Life can be tough. So fucking tough. But whatever is broken, can always be fixed. 

Reach out. Don’t be afraid.

If you ever find your mind meandering in a dark place, just remember that it can always get better.

Below are a few links/groups/numbers that I believe can be very beneficial to anyone struggling. Feel free to message myself as well on any platform. I’m no professional but I know how it feels.

Take Care, Aidan X

COPE Scotland – A mental health charity based in Drumchapel who offer one to one counselling sessions. Highly recommend. I am a current user and have used in the past. Click Here to visit the COPE website.

Breathing Space – A confidential phone line for anyone to use in times of need. It’s free and again I have used it myself when I have really been struggling. Talking to a relative or a friend might seem too much and this is the great thing about this service. Neither you or the call handler will remain strictly unidentifiable. Click Here to visit the Breathing Space Website.

DACA (Dumbarton Council on Alcohol) – A community service in Clydebank dedicated to helping those with alcohol related issues. I visited this place for a short period when I was younger. I used to drink and use other drugs to prove to myself I had a good life. But it only ever done me harm. A great help for anyone willing. Click Here to visit the DACA Website.

Stepping Stones – The first counselling service I ever visited when I was 15. Based in Clydebank. Click Here to visit the Stepping Stones website.

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) – Nationwide charity who provide a range of services and opportunities to those they work with. An amazing organisation. Click Here to visit the SAMH website.

Over the coming months I hope to find out some more about other groups, charities and organisations so I can share them here. Not just service providers but classes and workshops, educational meetings, which could be beneficial to someone who is looking.

Music is a great helper in difficult moments. So I’ve chosen a song which keeps me going in times where I might not feel like there’s much point anymore.

Thanks again for reading and please share far and wide. 



‘The Wide-Eyed Scotsman’ is a collection of thoughts, written pieces, opinions and blogs by myself, Aidan Meehan. Unless stated otherwise all of the work on this site is my own. All of the photos, unless credited, are my own. If you have anything to say or if you enjoy my updates please like, share, follow, communicate or criticise. I am not a professional blogger/ writer/ photographer and any interaction which may help to improve my work would be appreciated.

It means the world to me to see people viewing this project. I hope it’s able to give you something in return.

For all private enquiries get in touch at Thank you.



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