Scotland will fucking flourish.

Excuse the swearing. I’m a passionate man. And nothing brings out that passion like a Scottish Independence March.

I love my country. I am a proud Scotsman and I want it to be free.

On Saturday gone by the Saltire prevailed and the good in this country was there for all to see in the city centre of Glasgow. The hope, the smiles, the sheer joy rampant in celebrating our home and willing it on to step away from a crooked union and into a very bright and positive future. It’s beyond the right time now to take back the control. Brexit is a very real example of how much ‘Great’ Britain has overrun its sell-by date.

Let’s get the fuck out lads.

I’m working on some longer Independence pieces for all you beautiful punters but for now I just hoped to share some very uplifting evidence of how class the Yes Movement is and how it stands for everything good in Bonnie Scotland.

Saor Alba, Free Scotland. 


Taken by me. Incredible.
Again, Me. Get oot.



scottish independence
And this is me. Proud and spirited.

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